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Display Users
Development Status
Display Users is a Perl script for creating automatic user directory listings.

Unlike conventional user lists, this one does not require the webmaster to edit the page to include new users.

By using two simple text files within the user's home directory, users can include or exclude themselves and even redirect information such as the email address and home page.

Since inclusion in the directory listing relies on the presence of a file in the user's home directory, deleting the account of the user will automatically result in the removal of the entry in the user directory.


28 March 2003

- Added option to allow users to provide an ICQ identification number so that an ICQ paging button is displayed.

16 March 2003
- Added options to allow webmaster to remove the photo, contact information and/or on-line status.
-Added option for user to substitute a nickname for their real name in the listing.

04 March 2003
- Project created on SourceForge.


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